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Our story

Our beginnings is the humble grocery stokvel… “the penny dropped” so to speak when members bitterly complained about housing and the need for housing. The obvious answer was a housing stokvel!

There is power in working together for the greater good for all of us and not just some of us! TOGETHER WE CAN!


The National Housing Stokvel Company is no ordinary business, our business model is simply to whacky for many to wrap their heads around it! 

So we decided to simplify the process by sharing our motivation:

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, housing and home ownership is in a  precarious state… there 3 main reasons (factors) that contribute to this

1) Affordability

2) Collateral/ Security

3) Credit scoring/rating           

Then we have other reasons worth mentioning as well, they are:

4) Home ownership is the basic foundational building block of wealth, therefore we want to ensure a greater transfer of wealth and empowerment.

5) Every house built creates 5 permanent jobs and 8 casual/temporary employment thus it is vital to job creation and long term economic growth

6) Rapid urbanization and ever increasing house prices requires a more unconventional approach to dealing with the burgeoning crises.

7) We believe in free choice and we believe it is the fundamental right of every citizen to choose whether they want to finance their homes, with or without interest.

8) We are aligned to the UN Sustainable Developmental goals

9) Our Consitution forbids discrimination of any kind, but many people are being redlined or simply not given the opportunity to participate meaningfully in the economy… therefore we are pro inclusion and fostering a more Abundant economy rather than a Scarcity economy.

10) We view Interest as a form of slavery (We are quite serious)

Last but not least the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) forbids the charge of usury (Interest) and we believe that our Constitution guarantees our right to freedom of religion and pursuit of religious objectives.

Our unique Housing Assistance Programme addresses all these  issues enabling us to provide an opportunity for home ownership where most see only risk!!


The National Housing Stokvel Company (NHSC) is a (Pty) Ltd. company registered under the Companies Act of 2008. It draws great inspiration from the age-old stokvel saving mechanism.

The NHSC, had very humble beginnings as it was incepted as a grocery stokvel… the need for housing however was much more pressing.

Thus began  a long  and arduous journey to develop the concept to its present form… and still the journey continues as it plots a course in “unchartered waters” so to speak.

Today the NHSC, does not look nor operate as your average stokvel, but we have kept the name…to encourage the masses to keep fighting the good fight. Change comes through perseverance, hard work and use of plain common sense…

Why wait? when You can own your dream home!

baby at the window, look, glass

Our past does not, need to determine our future!


It is better to be a free man in a small house than a slave in a big one. ~ Norwegian Proverb
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