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The NHSC has four pillars, when executing its deliverables (trying to achieve its objectives!)


The first one is Developments… with a focus on affordable housing, it is obvious that developments will play a role in the company’s strategy.

The development pillar is segmented in three, they are:

 Outright Developments

The company, here does its own developments and sells them outright. This is done to strengthen the Allocation, Reserve and Disbursement funds.

Depending on size of the development the company may retain a certain amount of units, for any purpose it deems fit.

1.Co- developments

The company joins forces with other developers in pursuance of delivering housing.

This can be onerous and quite time consuming with many variables… the company nonetheless encourages JV’s and/or some form of partnership with adequate protection of capital employment.

 What is worth mentioning is that the NHSC prefers the Rent to buy scheme … It basically means that a person rents the apartment for a period of time and at the end of the specified period, pays a small deposit to secure the unit as his own property.

  Our objective is foremost to house South Africans … the baggage and petty politics is something we refrain from entertaining.

 Crowd/ Equity funding

This one is currently not being pursued as it is still in the developmental stage (no pun intended).

It is the desire of the NHSC to create avenues of wealth by allowing members to share in the financial rewards of the developments without any of the pain and hassle.



The Second pillar is all about empowerment and finding ways to ensure that members derive maximum benefits. This is achieved as follows:

 Membership Engagement

The term membership engagement refers to the goods and services the NHSC offers to current, paid up (active) members.

These services include, but are not limited:

  • Death/ Funeral Benefits
  • Savings on Insurance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Discounts/ Loyalty incentives
  • 0% (ZERO PERCENT) Interest free “home loan” under our housing assistance programme.
  • Alternative Credit scoring
  • Future wealth and Income generation opportunities.


The NHSC will always strive to offer its members, sound financial products that aim to ensure peace of mind, comfort and effective financial planning.

Here at the NHSC, we only partner with established Financial Service providers to ensure members are offered the best financial solutions possible.



Grocery Stokvel

As previously mentioned the NHSC has its origins in a grocery stokvel…

The grocery stokvel remains one of the best ways to shop, especially over the festive season. This of course had been proven over and over… your neighbour may not earn your salary but with a grocery stokvel his/her savings through the year allows him/her with a little extra cash in the pocket.


We have various levels of saving and it is highly recommended that you give our contact centre a call and we shall explain the procedure in full.

Stokvel Holiday

 Ever wanted to go on a holiday, but could not afford it???

Well your stokvel is the  answer… save with us and at the end of your term you qualify for a holiday.

The club has one, two and three year terms available for both local and abroad. Be wise and get your friends to join you and explore the world.

 From as little as R200,00 per month, per person you have no reason as to not travel or see the world.





The Green Economy/ Renewable energy is our third pillar.

We have decided on making it our Third Pillar as we have only ONE HOME- Mother Earth.

Therefore, we all need to do our bit in safeguarding our home, plus the company can do with the profits derived from such ventures.

We will keep you posted regarding our foray into this exciting aspect of our business.



Technology/ Internet of Things

It is imperative that any company tries to keep pace with technological advances… a social enterprise like ours is NO EXCEPTION.

It is safe to say that Technology will play a crucial role in the race to provide services for the masses as well as the Empowerment of said masses.

The How, When, To what aim will be discussed and posted on the website. 

Your Advantages

Why Choose Our Product

Easy to use

Stokvel is a trusted method used by millions. Concept needs no lengthy explanation. Learn the good habit of long term saving Learn and implement financial skills Member benefits Save thousands of Rands in interest payments


Funeral cover of R 5000 for you and spouse children funeral cover of R 2 500 Telephonic legal counsel Telephonic tuition assistance Road Accident Assistance Taxation assistance Plus loads more T& C's apply


The best part of the NHSC is that you do not need to leave your house to be part of the Stokvel. Receive of all the benefits of a stokvel without the hassle of being part of a stokvel. The use of technology has enabled many advances even in the world of Stokvel... we use technology to enhance our reach and social output.

Fast Results?

The NHSC does not guarantee nor promote quick fixes or fast paced solutions that ends up nowhere. You are welcome to JOIN, but be reminded this is a long term goal and it does require Perseverance!

How it works


Share Option Scheme

Our Share Option Scheme (SOS) is only available to members that had been active for six months or more… that simply means that a member(s) can only request to buy shares after six months of active membership

The member after contacting us via email, whatsapp, sms or call centre, applies in writing to buy shares under the SOS scheme

Shares are sold a minimum of Hundred (100) in multiples of a 100, e.g. (200,300 or 500, etc).

Shares are sold monthly for a term duration of 36 to 120 months (3 to 10 years)

A member qualifies for Allocation, after 36 months of actively participating in our SOS, subject to certain terms and conditions.


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