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“I have a dream”, the iconic words of Martin Luther King. I too have a dream, a dream where every South African has a home… a dream where we are prosperous, thriving and living in safe communities. Just a dream,Continue Reading
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How good are you at budgeting? Can you stick to a budget?  Most of us from time to time are tempted to suspend/bend our budgetary disciple and spoil ourselves a bit… but research shows this kind of indulges can seriouslyContinue Reading
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South Africans are no strangers to Stokvels. In fact with an estimated more than 800 000 stokvels ranging from Grocery, gooi-gooi or even funeral there is no limit to stokvel power! We are often told that South Africans are poorContinue Reading
Finance, Household Tips, Persoanl, Stokvel
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